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A summer of cycling from the south of Spain to Rotterdam is behind us. This brought a few challenges, but on the whole was well inside our “comfort zone” with very few unknowns, as we travelled by a method we are familiar with through countries we know well.

Today we set off a little bit more into the unknown, and, over the next six months of cycle touring in South America I think we will discover quite a bit about the gap between our grasp (what we are comfortable with) and our reach (how far we can extend ourselves).

We will be mainly in Argentina, cycling north to south, but probably also Chile and maybe Uruguay.

Fortunately we have a reasonable knowledge of Spanish, which hopefully will be a lot better when we return, but this will be a trip of many unknowns, both culturally and geographically.

We will learn a lot about another Continent and possibly a bit more about ourselves.


But first to negotiate the least enjoyable part of international cycle touring.

We carry a lot of stuff, but when on the bikes it is usually easily manageable.cropped-img_1106.jpg

However, getting from the end of our European summer of cycling, to the start of our Argentinian adventure is quite a logistical challenge.

The picture above is first transformed to this.



This will then all need to be taken by hire car from Rotterdam, where we are staying with Tavia our daughter, to Schipol Airport.

Then flown with us to Buenos Aires, via London, a total of 15 hours in the air.

Then it will need to be taxied into the middle of the city to an apartment we have booked for a couple of days.

Then we will spend a day or two exploring the options of moving it all the 1500Km up to Salta in the north west of Argentina.

This may be an internal flight, quick but expensive, or a 20 hour bus trip. At present using web sites it is unclear regarding carrying this amount of baggage on either option, so the best bet is to visit the station and airport and find out exactly what is best.

The final (unlikely) option would be to put everything together and cycle through one of the biggest cities in the world, and not exactly the safest, followed by 1500km of mainly flat pampas.

Then find some accommodation in Salta and put everything together again.

So, hopefully our next post will come from Salta, sometime next week, with the bikes looking something like the first photo, and us ready to hit the road.

We hope you will continue to follow us, and we will try to blog as much as we can.

We will also be posting to facebook on a regular basis should time and internet connections make full blogs difficult. Struggling to sort a link out for you, so search “two drifters” if you are on facebook and hopefully you will find us (there are quite a few other two drifters out there!)

Hasta Argentina.